Cable ducts

Proven for decades  

The small ducts of DYWIDAG manhole systems are applied as pull-through, connection and branching ducts for installation in the cable networks of supply and industrial companies. They are used as components at the “Deutsche Telekom AG” (German telephone network) and at “Deutsche Bahn AG” (German railroad company).  

All small ducts consist of reinforced precast concrete parts and comply with DIN 1045. They are produced in accordance with the required bridge grade DIN 1072.  

At a glance

  • Comprehensive program of accessory and system components
  • Manhole covers with different load stages, geometries and designs
  • All sizes have a protection against dislocation by dowelling or tongue/groove system
  • Dimensioning in accordance with DIN 1045-2 / EN 206 and EBA approval
  • Load / bridge class in accordance with DIN 1072