Manhole covers

Product variety with system  

Manhole covers are important components of modern energy supply and communication. They are produced in composite construction and in different types and sizes.  

Dynamic development work leads to a manhole cover system which is characterized by type diversity and comprehensive equipment possibilities. Our system comprises load classes B, D, E and F in accordance with EN 124.  

High quality is guaranteed by a high level of precision and strict controls according to quality management and quality assurance – relating to certification in accordance with DIN EN ISO 9001.   

Durable and persistent    

The composite constructions made of steel and concrete and the exact adjustment of the cover, the corresponding frame and all further components like manhole, manhole neck and cover guarantee the persistence of our manhole covers.  

The high quality standard is characterized by hot galvanization. It increases resistance to de-icing salt, corrosion protection and environmental friendliness – compared to e.g. a tar pitch-epoxy resin cover.  

Range of products    

  • Manhole cover SA 2000 / SA 2005
  • Manhole cover SA 2020 N
  • Manhole cover AzK AT 1 / 83
  • Manhole cover AzK AT 2 / 86
  • GuBe covers
  • Manhole necks
  • System accessories  

Numerous applications    

Our concrete surfaces offer every kind of design, a consistently durable and especially slip-proof surface and ensure a long-term and safe application. This applies for manhole covers of type SA 2000 with torsion-resistant or not torsion-resistant frames, cable duct covers of type KSAD 2020 SN as self-leveling cover and every other version. All products are characterized by our comprehensive know-how and our decade-long experience.