The business card  

Facades are business cards. The first impression and appearance of buildings are mainly determined by them. Concrete facades are indispensable at modern residential or office buildings. As an architectural design element with supporting construction they serve important multiple purposes for planners, architects and engineers.


  • Smooth exposed concrete
  • Acidified
  • Blasted
  • Finely washed
  • Roughly washed
  • Grinded
  • Matrices  

The multifunctional talent

The concrete facade provides architects and builders not only with a multitude of creative possibilities.  

As sandwich wall with internal insulation it also fulfills energetic purposes. At the same time, the supporting sandwich facade replaces a beam / column construction and thereby combines architecture, thermal insulation and static aspects in one element.  

Sun protection, temperature regulation or energy production can be additional features of concrete facades.  

Range of products and services

  • Attachment facade as solid wall in optional form and color
  • Sandwich facade with internal insulation
  • Supporting facades as replacement for beam / column constructions
  • Activated facades for energy production